Sentry Pro-Grade Student Detection System by Rostra

School bus operators carry the most precious cargo - children. Sadly, each year children are injured, or worse, in accidents while boarding and leaving buses. Rostra is pleased to announce the Rostra Student Detection System, a system utilizing the latest technology to help ensure children's safe arrival at school and home.

The Rostra SDS is a motion-activated detection system that uses reflected radar waves to detect a moving target. When a target, a child, is detected within specified danger zones in the front, rear, and sides of the bus, an alarm sounds to alert the driver, and corresponding LEDs on a display panel indicate the target's location by zone. The system can also include a RearSentry Rear Obstacle Sensing System, installed for rear coverage when the bus moves in reverse.

Product Functionality

Rostra SDS Zone 4 Rostra SDS Zone 3 Rostra SDS Zone 5 Rostra SDS Zone 2 Rostra SDS Zone 1

Hover your mouse over each detection zone for a description of how the system reacts.

* Customized SDS technology also available for Transit Bus applications

Product Features

How Does It Work?

  1. The SDS display unit is initialized when the ignition is on.
  2. The SDS zones are activated when the bus flashers are on and the front gate is extended. The green LED on the SDS display unit will be on.
  3. When an object is detected in any of the zones, the green LED shuts off, and the red LED flashes simultaneously with an audible alarm.
  4. The system will automatically clear in 4 seconds if no intrusions are detected. The LED will go from red to green.
  5. Has microwave radar technology that works in all weather conditions.

Download our Student Detection System brochure by clicking here.

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